What turns off Buyers the most

We asked top Listing Agents, “What turns off Buyers the most?” and here was their responses:

1. Number one item that makes buyers run the other direction is …. outdated wallpaper and wallpaper borders. It instantly tells buyers that there is some work to do here if you buy this house.

2. Outdated carpet and stains. Professional cleaning and carpet stretching is always a first. But if you are thinking about getting carpet replaced in Florida we always suggest you take a look at luxury vinyl flooring or engineered hard wood floors too.

3. Brightly colored walls in every room. Again, it screams “work” to repaint the house. Neutral color doesn’t have to be boring. Pale blues, tans, and greys are all on trend in 2020

4. The scent in your home. If you have lots of pets, diaper pails, if you smoke inside, or cook foods with strong odors take some time to focus on the smell of your house. Open windows, deep clean, check the trash and fridge for smells, and use an apple cinnamon candle or light scent. Smells are very important to the selling vibe of a home.

5. Outdated lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. First, always make sure light bulbs all work and slowly you can transition to LED bulbs. If you have some budget to play with start updating Kitchen pendants, Dining room fixtures, and bathroom light fixtures first.

6. Kitchens and Baths is where it is at. If your budget isn’t at the point for a complete renovation, start with the Kitchen backsplash. It is a quick and easy way to transform your space and give a feeling of being current.

7. Curb Appeal- When a Buyer gets out of their car this is your time to WOW them. Pressure wash your sidewalk and driveway, plant colorful flowers, and add new mulch. A welcoming front door scores big points. Add a wreath, a new welcome mat, and a potted plant to create a fresh look

Tony Baroni

Tony Baroni


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Tony Baroni

Tony Baroni


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