Selling During The Holidays?

Many people would guess that selling during the holiday months is not ideal. I have to disagree. It is not the holidays that slow selling and buying down, it is the weather.

Showing homes in 10 degrees, ice on the sidewalks, with a snow storm coming is a no. But we live in the Sunshine State and December is always one of our busiest months!,” says Tony Baroni. In a perfect world, we would List your home and take photos before you decorate so we can use those photos after the holiday is over. But showing your home with the glow of white lights and the warmth cozy feel a decorated tree brings is perfect.

Outside: Step away from the inflatable Rudolph and the Clark Griswold displays this year. Instead think simple, clear lights and twinkling bushes. Go big around the Front Porch to create a welcoming entryway. Add a holiday theme wreath, door mat, poinsettias and matching decorations on either side of the door.

Inside: Keep your holiday flair at a minimal. Think of accentuating your homes positives and focus your decorating attention on that area. For instance, if you have a fireplace hang stockings, greenery, a wooden sign, and candles on it or if you have arched doorways place your garland around the opening.

When it comes to a Christmas Tree keep it all one color theme……an added bonus, wrap a few presents under the tree in all the same coordinating wrapping paper. For showings around the holidays: Think scents. “A cinnamon broom by the front door always does the trick,” Tony Baroni adds. Just don’t have competing scents. If you use a cinnamon broom do a few odorless candles, turn on ceiling fans and all lights, and make sure Kitchens and Baths sparkle as much as your tree.

Tony Baroni

Tony Baroni


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Tony Baroni

Tony Baroni


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