Staging a Great Table for the Holidays

2020 has been quite a year. Yet it has shown us all what we are truly thankful for, family and our health. There is not a better time to celebrate each other than this holiday season. Are you hosting Thanksgiving Dinner? Whether it’s a small family affair or a large gathering, setting the right tablescape can add a little magic to your special day. Get out the good china!

1. Find your inspiration and decide your color scheme.

Perhaps you have some vases, candle sticks, or large holiday décor item you want to build upon. Maybe you need a trip to Target or Homegoods to find your inspiration. Walk around your home and gather your supplies. Next you will need a runner or tablecloth. Hopefully you have the majority of these items laying around your home. If you need to purchase anything look for a neutral white (washable) runner which can be used a million ways for every holiday or unscented white or cream candles. If you are purchasing a whole tablescape, create in your head as you go, such as pine cones, burlap runner, copper candle sticks, greenery and white pumpkins for a rustic look. Think beyond the typical orange and brown color scheme for Thanksgiving. Always build in odd numbers as well. Three candlesticks, five pumpkins, and one word sign all are eye catching to an overall table. Finally add flowers, branches and greenery in. Fake or real works!

2. Determine the style you are trying to create.

Consider your atmosphere, ages and how many guest will be attending. If you are going for a more casual dining experience a roll of brown craft paper is an excellent base to build a centerpiece on and allow children to color and write what they are thankful for. Battery operated candles are also a must with kids. If you want to entertain children and keep them out of the Kitchen while you are prepping consider easy turkey and pumpkin craft sets at Joanne Fabrics for just a few dollars.

TIP-If you have quite a lot of food like on Thanksgiving Day, you may want to create a buffet in the Kitchen with the food instead of having the food passed at the table.

3. Putting it all together

After your centerpiece is created, now is the time to add the place setting. First, add a charger or large plate and then add a smaller plate on top. The napkin and silverware go on top of that. A White or Grey linen napkin can be used for every season and wash well. This is a great place to add an embellishment like a sweet word of gratitude, personalized name tags or tiny pumpkin tied together. All of which, can be found in the Dollar Spot at Target. Add your glassware and salad or soup bowl if your meal warrants it. For an extra bonus, tie a ribbon onto the back of your chairs. (mini wreath for Christmas)

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” Aesop>

Marie Beckman

Marie Beckman


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Marie Beckman

Marie Beckman


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