Hurricane Season Tips

Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1- November 30th with the peak season being August and September. Usually 2-3 days out, models can give us the path of a storm fairly accurately. https://www.nhc. is a great resource for alerts, forecast and models.

Do yourself a favor and get prepared NOW so you are not fi ghting with the crowds of people and low supplies. Batteries, candles, fl ash lights, pantry items, cooler, medication, pet food, trash bags, canned goods, and bottled water can all be purchased ahead of time and thrown in a tote. Floridian Tip: If a storm is approaching landfall by you: get cash out, fi ll your tubs with water for fl ushing, get a new propane tank for grilling, take photos of your home for insurance, and fi ll up your gas tank (lines will be long)!

Tropical Depression- winds up to 38 mph
Tropical Storms-winds up to 39-73 mph
Hurricanes-74 mph or greater

Start prepping your home for a major storm now:

• Install surge protection
• Buy a few pieces of plywood and tarp
• Seal windows and doors
• Remove debris
• Get trees trimmed back so branches don’t touch your home in the Spring
• Clean our gutters and drains
• Check on your generator if you have one
• Know where your shut off valves are for water, electricity, and gas
• Upgrade to impact resistant windows

Kellie Baroni

Kellie Baroni


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Kellie Baroni

Kellie Baroni


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