Stage Your Home Like a Million Dollar Listing!

When getting ready to put your house on the market you want to set yourself up for instant success. Approximately 99% of potential buyers look online for their future home, so you want to make sure that your house is at the top of the list. Staging or styling your home will help optimize the look of your house and in return will help you receive multiple high-priced offers.
Here are a few suggestions on how to stage your home for success.

Plan on giving your home a “Day at the Spa” just before photographs are taken. This includes adding fresh mulch, pressure washing sidewalks/driveway, trimmings trees to allow a clear front exterior shot, fresh plants/flowers planted, remove debris and all lawn ornaments. Make sure all wreaths and doormats are clean and universal and not seasonal.

The smell of your home needs to be divine with no pet odors present. Light a scented candle before any potential buyers walk through. Open all blinds throughout your home to fill each room with natural light. Make sure to clean, declutter, depersonalizeand organize the entire home.

Neutral colors on walls with paintings are best with added simple decor with splashes of color. The interior of the home should be nice and cool temperature and lower than you normally have it. While the above advice should be taken throughout your home, focus heavily on prepping your kitchen, master bedroom, bathrooms, and closets to be top priority to bring an offer. Please remember that “less is more”. If you have a garage then where you declutter simply put it in your garage as a garage is “Florida’s basement”. The kitchen should be fully functional, very clean and well maintained.

It’s best to add fresh greenery or small white bouquet of flowers to give your kitchen a sense of life and soul! The master bedroom looks best with clean, fluffy and luxury looking linens placed on the bed. It is best to minimalize the room, which in return makes the room seem larger. The bathrooms should be extra clean and sterile-looking, free of all toiletries and towels. The closets should be organized. It is best to declutter and reduce the items in your closet by half.

These are a few things that will help to prepare your home for a speedy and successful sale. We look forward to assisting you in the sale of your property!

Marie Beckman

Marie Beckman


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Marie Beckman

Marie Beckman


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