Is Tampa Your Golden Ticket to Wealth?

No matter where we went this summer, the grocery store, the community pool or even in the stands at a baseball game, people are talking about one thing, The Real Estate Market! The Tampa Real Estate Market is on fire! We continue to be in a Seller’s Market due to lower inventory and a high demand in most price ranges. But with Tampa being one of the most affordable areas in the state coupled with low interest rates and a prime location, we don’t see the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market sizzling out anytime soon. Investing in Real Estate might just be your golden ticket to wealth. When Tampa was just named one of the Top Ten Best Places to Invest in Rental Properties in the country, it might deserve a second look.
Let’s dive in to why Tampa is one of the best places to invest in Real Estate.

1. You have all heard “location, location, location” but in Tampa Bay we are right in the middle of gorgeous beaches to the west and the mecca of amusement parks and attractions to the east and nature in the middle. It is THE prime location.
2. CHAMPA Bay—We just win, win, win. It is great to be a sports fan here. Enough said.
3. We have a growing metropolitan area and a bustling downtown with new restaurants, parks, shops, andcommercial growth.
4. Tampa’s cost of living is 23% percent lower than the national average.
5. Increasing property values despite instability in the US economy.
6. Booming economy and job growth with new companies opening each year here.
7. Home prices steadily climbing each year.
8. Tourism is hot here and welcomes more than 22.5 million tourist each year. Airbnb and vacation rentals are in high demand which presents great investment opportunities here.
9. Single Family Rental Home prices continue to increase and Tampa is very landlord friendly.
10. Tampa has a high appreciation rate rising 32% in the last ten years putting it as one of the top communities in the county.
11. Florida has no state income tax!
12. When you talk about Florida you must mention the picture perfect summer weather year round. (This drives retirees, relocations, those who can now work from home and live anywhere in the county, and our military base close by.)
Beyond Tampa we are keeping our eyes on Sarasota, Largo, Bradenton, Venice, Clearwater, Davenport, Orlando and Lakeland. All close runner ups for great investment opportunities

Tony Baroni

Tony Baroni


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Tony Baroni

Tony Baroni


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