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What areas do you cover? Great question…I get this question a lot and here is the short answer East to Orlando, West to the beaches of St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL, North to Dade City, and South to Venice, FL and everywhere in between.
Why did your team decide to cover so much area?

The short answer was we deliver “the promise” to our clients which is to deliver the best real estate experience they could ever imagine receiving. When we deliver this people tend to refer us to their fam ily, friends, co-workers, etc. and we decided years ago we would take care of them as well and make sure they get the best real estate ex perience too. Also, we specialize in relocation buyers, military buy ers, and our marketing plan for our listings work well as everything is so technology based now that we feel we deliver the best product on all the areas we do cover.

How is your Orlando, FL expansion going so far? We opened back in August 2019 in Orlando in an office right across the street from Volcano Bay with Universal Studios and it could not be going better so far. Mike Malcom in leading our Orlando office and he just made the Millionaire Club in February as one of the top agents in that office of 400 agents. We are beyond excited to service this entire area as well. By the way, we are hiring sales people in Or lando so let us know if you know of someone that wants to become a Realtor there. Frequently Asked Questions to the Tony Baroni Team.

Can we help with vendors for our clients? Absolutely, we have our own built in Angie’s List that we have complied from networking. We know the best of the best and if we don’t we will research it ourselves to help you find the best. Do not hesitate to call us anytime you need a vendor at 866-749-8577. Lastly, we are developing a vendor list we will be pro viding on our new website www.TonyBaroni.com and it is COMING SOON..

Tony Baroni

Tony Baroni


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Tony Baroni

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