Jeremy C.

Tony Baroni and the Tony Baroni Team made the relocation out the Tampa area a breeze for my family and I. Having accepted a new job in another state, selling our home became my top priority. I interviewed a few relators that were referred to me as it was important for me to find someone I could  trust to both sell it quickly and for the most money I could get. I decided to sign on with Tony Baroni for a few reasons, his knowledge of the local market, the plans for prepping and marketing the home, and his confidence as to what we could get for the house and how long it would take. We had a vacation planned around the time to we were going to list, Tony suggested we list the house the day we leave for vacation, take offers through the week and meet upon return and review the offers. I was a little skeptical it would move so quickly but trusted he would do what he said. We went on vacation and relaxed for the week; returned and was a bit surprised to find out in our meeting with Tony that we actually had 6 offers to review, 5 at or above asking. Tony helped us go through all the offers and consult on what offer would give us the largest net and close the fastest. We signed a contract and closed in 4 weeks. Of the realtors I met with Tony came across as the most professional and knowledgeable, the results proved my assumptions to be right. I am not an easy person to please but was truly impressed with the process, enough to take the time to type this review. In the beginning I was dreading the experience, in the end I was happy I made the decisions I did. If you are in the market, I would suggest at least giving them a call.